The Netherlands School for Public Administration (NSOB)  wrote in the spring of 2015 an extensive research proposal on advisory systems. The research that focuses on the institutional set-up and functioning of advisory systems across countries will be conducted in collaboration with the OECD. Please find this proposal by clicking on the ‘download’ button.

The proposed research has several aims:

  • The key goal of the research is to examine advisory systems in the OECD countries and contribute to the development of the strategic capacities of governments and its leaders; ]
  • To describe and analyse the key characteristics of the advisory bodies in different counties in their politico-administrative context and describe the dilemmas and dynamics for governments when steering the institutional design of advisory systems;
  • To describe a number of institutional design options for (re-)organizing the advisory system, and to distinguish success factors for advisory systems;
  • To identify lessons for governments to improve the advisory systems and to identifying a possible checklist for policy makers to use the advisory system as a strategic tool in the policymaking process.

For more information on this research you can contact Daphne Bressers ( or 0031-703024927).


TitelResearch proposal: strengthening (the institutional setting of) strategic advice

Mark van Twist
Daphne Bressers
Jorren Scherpenisse
Martijn van der Steen
Martin Schulz

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