Executive Education

NSOB provides cutting edge, challenging and innovative educational programmes. They often take the form of hands-on workshops and master classes, which bridge theory and practice. Participants not only learn from top-level lecturers (academics and practitioners) but also from each other. This often leads to surprising and innovative perspectives, with a high added value for their day-to-day work. Our participants are constantly challenged to study tangible problems and processes from different angles than they are used to. Our core courses for Dutch civil servants include:

Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is an internationally accredited 2-year programme aimed at high potentials in the upper middle management of the Dutch civil service. It provides a combination of cognitive elements, theoretical and professional reflection, the development of professional and personal
competencies and the application of new knowledge and insights in complex assignments.

Interdepartmental Management Programme

For senior executives within central government, NSOB provides a 1,5-year Interdepartmental Management Programme (IML), which focuses on the further development of their leadership and management , as well as nurturing their ability to ‘step back’ and reflect upon their everyday practices.

Customised Programmes

Since a few years the Netherlands School of Public Administration offers tailored training modules to clients across all sectors, serving participants from countries like Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, but also countries outside of the EU in, for example, Asia or Australia. read more

Strategic leadership

For the strategic level, we have several programmes that for example focus on strategic leadership in the public domain or act as a regional think-tank on numerous topics such as urban agenda, decentralization, strategic interventions, relations between different governmental levels etc.
We organize a three-year programme for the top-level executives in the government, such as Secretary General or Director General. This programme focuses on developments in the public domain and the Netherlands as player in the global arena. In addition, NSOB provides numerous thematic and short courses, for example on political astuteness. You can visit our Dutch website for latest offerings and more detailed information: