NSOB aims to contribute to an assertive and high-quality public sector. The school was founded by the universities of Leiden and Rotterdam as a private institution. It is organised as a self-managing inter-university institute. Thanks to an intensive collaboration with seven Dutch universities, we manage to link the most capable and inspiring Dutch and international scholars to our institution.

The deans of the school are two eminent scholars with a wealth of experience on operating at the interface between academia and practice. Paul Frissen is professor of public administration at Tilburg University. Mark van Twist is professor of public administration at Erasmus University, Rotterdam and, among other functions, member of the board of the Netherlands Court of Audit. Myrte Ferwerda, the school’s managing director, is the third member of its board.

dr. M.M. (Myrte) Ferwerda

director / board memberferwerda(at)

prof. dr. M.J.W. (Mark) van Twist

dean / board membertwist(at)

dr. J.M. (Martin) Schulz

co-dean / deputy director think tank070 3024910schulz(at)

drs. J.M. (Jorgen) Schram

researcher / program manager070 3024922schram(at)